Maureen is a committed, open-hearted person who isn’t afraid to be authentic and empower those around her. Her warmth and sense of humor shines through in everything she does.

Shortly after completing my own yoga teacher training, I was looking for guidance and needed to become more confident in my teaching. Without hesitation, Maureen offered to work with me carving out time from her already full schedule.  Her patient, consistent support has enabled me to find answers and build up confidence in my teaching.  So much so, that I’ve recently started teaching my own classes. Maureen is a valuable asset to the community and I value her as a mentor, teacher and friend. Linda B. Hopewell Junction, NY


"From the moment I found my wedding venue and the outdoor yoga space that came with it I knew a morning yoga class for myself, friends and family on the "big day" was a must and that Maureen would be the perfect leader; and I was right, I couldn't have chosen a better teacher. The way she designed her class was seamless from beginning to end, flowing along to a great playlist not leaving one part untouched, body and soul. She began by drawing attention inward to a pure space where an intention was set. From there she took us on a journey of poses and postures that gently pushed our mental and physical boundaries which inspired some of us to explore even further. I fully enjoyed Maureen's enthusiasm, patience, demeanor and love of yoga. She left us physically replenished and spiritually lifted; an unforgettable class" ~ Candice K.  Los Angeles, CA ~ Destination Wedding
"I started yoga about five years ago. I was searching for something that would help me heal from the loss of my beloved mother. When I tried Maureen's class it changed my life. It helps me to release my anxieties and worries. She has taught me how to be strong and focus on everyday life with my family. Most of all, Maureen is an amazing teacher. Maureen's classes are fun, energetic, and powerful. Even when I was a beginner she still believed in me and brought me to be the yogi I am today. Maureen's classes are a part of my weekly schedule and I am forever grateful for what she has taught me."~ Kristine H. Poughkeepsie, NY
"Maureen is an incredibly dynamic and engaging yoga teacher. Her teaching style is challenging and encouraging.  The entire class will celebrate as an experienced yogi masters an advanced pose while the first-time student will immediately feel welcomed to begin their practice. Maureen is at once serene and spirited, making class a wonderful experience every time." ~ Maureen G. Hyde Park, NY
"I have had the absolute pleasure of getting to be one of Maureen's "yogis* for the past year. I have become stronger, more self aware, and confident through her practice. I had several injuries that I was able to work through because her guided classes allow for you to modify any posture or return to child's pose until you can get back into the flow. I firmly believe I have succeeded because of Maureen's positive reinforcement and amazing attitude. I love doing yoga with her! Thank you for being such a great spirit!" ~ Kim C.  Field Service Coordinator Laerdal Medical, Americas
"I have taken yoga on and off for 30 years. I am no expert, but I know enough to know the difference between a great teacher and an adequate one. Maureen Benedict is not only adorable and sweet, she is knowledgeable and patient. We all feel safe, confident in our practice under her guidance. I am grateful and honored to practice with her each week."   ~ Mandi M.  Field Service Coordinator Laerdal Medical, Americas
"One year ago Maureen came to my company during Heart Healthy month. She introduced us all to a mini preview of Yoga (geared to office workers). This was my first experience with Yoga and I loved it. One year later Maureen is still coming to our office weekly. Maureen is amazing, she structures the class to accomdate the various experience levels, and each yogi benefits from her guidance. I leave my Yoga practice each week feeling refreshed and grateful that Maureen is our Yogini." ~ Donna K.  Wappingers Falls, NY Corporate Yoga