Explore Meditation | Fuel Happiness

  This is a piece I wrote for lululemon athletica Danbury #fuelhappiness #exploremeditation

This is a piece I wrote for lululemon athletica Danbury #fuelhappiness #exploremeditation

There is no better way to #fuelhappiness this holiday season than to tap into your own wellspring of happiness fuel through meditation.

Imagine your life as one big answering machine. Every day, life puts us on the receiving end of a flood of incoming messages. When you meditate, you are essentially unplugging this big answering machine for a few moments to stop the influx of messages cluttering your thoughts. This short break in the messages allows you to be in the present moment, and create space between your thoughts. It is in this moment, with a quieted world around you, and a newly opened mind, that you can find the source of your own inner happiness.

Just a few moments of meditation each day will cultivate a connection to your inner self. The more you quiet the outside messages and connect with your inner self, the more you can realize that the source of your happiness comes from within.

So slow down and unplug that machine. Create space between your thoughts. Connect with your inner self. Your happiness fuel is inside you and you need only tap into it. Go ahead and practice presence this holiday season; fuel all sorts of happiness for yourself and for others.